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Custom Glass Etching and More

Since 1884, Lancaster Paint & Glass has been a leader in providing quality products and custom glass, mirror, and plastic etching services to our customers.

Boasting exceptional customer service, an unmatched commitment to excellence, and the very best pricing available, our custom etching services provide customers with a personalized touch they won't find elsewhere. Our wide variety of options and skilled staff ensure that your project will be completed on time and to your precise specifications. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and that pride has made us the go-to choice for custom etching projects throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Let us create something truly unique for you today at Lancaster Paint & Glass – it's guaranteed to make a lasting impression!

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Our custom glass, mirror and plastic etching services including:

A few items we've etched include:

  • wall murals
  • cabinet and closet doors
  • shower and tub glass
  • room dividers
  • fireplace screens
  • corporate logos
  • entryway glass
  • mirrored furniture
  • restaurant booth dividers
  • windows
  • glass furniture
  • accessory pieces
  • sports team logos

CUSTOM GLASS ETCHING 101: Frequently Asked Questions

What is glass etching?

Glass etching is a decorative technique using chemicals or abrasion to remove a thin layer of the glass surface, leaving a frosted, textured, or matte design or pattern on the glass surface. The process can use stencils or be done freehand.

Can you etch colored glass?

Yes, it is possible to etch colored glass, but the effect of the etching may be less noticeable compared to etching clear glass.

Can you remove etching from glass?

Not usually, since etching permanently removes a thin layer of the glass surface. If the etching is extremely light or superficial, it may be possible to polish the surrounding surface deeply enough to erase the etched design.

Can you etch tempered glass?

It is possible to etch tempered glass, but since tempered glass is heat-treated to be tougher than normal glass, attempting to etch it can weaken its structure and cause it to shatter. Annealed glass is another type of treated glass, but easier to etch and less likely to break.

What color is etched glass?

Etched glass does not have a specific color. The appearance of etched glass depends on the type and amount of etching applied. If tinted or colored glass is etched, its hue may affect the appearance of the etched design.

Can you paint etched glass?

Yes! In fact, painting the etched design can enhance the visual impact of the design and make it more visible. It is important to use paint specifically designed for glass, to prevent peeling or flaking.

What color is etched glass paint?

Etching or “frosting” glass paint comes in translucent shades of white, gray, or clear, allowing the etched design to show through. It can add a subtle hue to the etched design but will not completely mask the frosted appearance of the etching.

Please contact us today. We'd be happy to discuss your ideas and translate them into a unique addition to your business or residence!

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