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Curved Glass Replacement For China Cabinets

china cabinet glass replacement

If your china cabinet's glass is broken or damaged, you can replace just the glass so that you don't have to throw away your precious china cabinet! At Lancaster Paint & Glass, we offer curved glass replacement for "china bends" (bent glass in china cabinets) and for any other applications where curved glass is damaged and needs to be replaced.

China cabinets are both beautiful decorative pieces and functional aspects of the home. They have been around for quite some time, but only recently have some more ornate china cabinets been considered a valuable antique. The notion that china cabinets were fashioned in China is a common misconception. They're actually an English invention!

Around the end of the 17th century, china cabinet manufacturing began in England during the reign of King William and Queen Mary, who adopted the idea from the Netherlands. At the start of the 18th century, furniture makers began designing and creating china cabinets in Britain. Shops then started opening all around Europe, and America quickly followed suit.

Pricing & Quotes

The cost of replacing curved glass depends on many factors, the biggest factor being the type of bend. Following is a list of the most common bends for china cabinet glass.

Measuring for Bend #1 ONLY

radius illustration for china bend curved glass

When quoting or ordering Radius (#1) China bend, we will need all the following dimension: Radius, Width, and Height.

The best way is to bring the broken glass if one end includes the complete radius. If the curved piece is in the door you can bring in the door with the remaining glass. The other option is to bring the entire cabinet and let us measure.

We can also determine the radius and width if you send us a pattern (on posterboard) of the existing glass.

RADIUS To make a pattern of the glass have someone hold the glass upright on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil and trace the radius (being careful not to let the glass move while tracing). This will provide the radius.

WIDTH Then lay the piece flat on a piece of paper and lift one side till glass touches the paper and trace edge approx. 6” of the height, then roll the glass across the paper and do the same on the opposite edge. Roll the glass back to the first edge and verify that glass has not moved. This will determine what the width of the glass needs to be before it is bent.

HEIGHT Height is distance from lower edge to upper edge of glass in its upright position.

If there is no glass remaining, you can use the frame or door to make the pattern. If the frame/door is easily removed, the frame/door can be stood on the posterboard and traced. After tracing, cut along the line and place the trimmed pattern in the frame/door where the glass would lay. You will have to trim the pattern because the outside of the frame/door is a larger radius than the insert where the glass rests.

If the frame/door cannot be removed, lay a piece of paper over the edge of the frame where the glass rests. Use your fingernail to trace an impression of the curve on the paper. Darken the line, then cut out the pattern. Then transfer the curve onto a thicker posterboard and check the fit in the frame/door. And provide the height of the glass.

Please note that glass will be made to your pattern. Make sure everything fits correctly. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges.

Measuring for #2, #3 and #4

double serpentine illustration for china bend curved glass j bend illustration for china bend curved glass serpentine illustration for china bend curved glass

Measuring for #2, #3 and #4 should be done in our shop. If you are comfortable making an EXACT, full size tracing of the bend and providing the height, we can provide an estimate of the cost.

Pictures are helpful, but not required.

What is the Cost for Replacing China Bend Glass?

china bend cabinet with recent glass replacement

Due to the nature of the double serpentine, J-bend, and serpentine bends, we cannot provide a cost estimate for these projects. Please contact us with the information requested above.

If you who have the radius style china bend glass and are looking for replacement, here are some approximate costs:

Approximate costs for radius china bend replacement:

The prices listed here do not include shipping. Please note that the prices listed here are subject to change, and we encourage you to contact us for the most accurate price quote.

What's Next?

Our experts can handle all of your curved glass replacement needs including sizing and cutting the glass, and installing it in your china cabinet or curio cabinet. To get started, you can:

We look forward to restoring your beautiful china cabinet to its former glory!

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