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Since 1884, Lancaster Paint & Glass has been selling and installing glass, mirror and plastics of all types for commercial, industrial, retail and other non-residential customers. Following are a few of the typical products and services we provide to meet the unique needs of non-residential businesses and organizations. For products or services not listed here, please contact us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians.


Glass available in clear, obscure, tinted and Low-e

  • Replace broken glass (single pane)
  • Replace broken or "fogged" insulated unit-with or without grids
  • Replace broken balances in double-hung windows
  • Replace cranks for awning windows
  • Rescreen screens ( See Screens )
  • Replace glass in storm windows
  • Replace obscure glass in bathroom windows
  • Replace broken or "fogged" skylights
  • Solar reflective glass
  • Antique window glass


Glass available in clear, obscure, tinted, Low-e and safety

  • Replace commercial entrance door closers
  • Repair/replace commercial door hinges
  • Replace broken glass (single pane or insulated units)
  • Replace broken or "fogged" patio door units
  • Replace broken or "fogged" door glass
  • Replace rollers and handles in patio doors and patio screens
  • Replace screens in existing frames
  • Replace sliding patio door screen


Available from 3/32” thru 1” thick – custom cut glass to any shape/size, clear, bronze or gray

  • Insulated glass for refrigerated cases
  • Laminated or tempered glass for machine guards, security areas and heavy equipment windshields
  • Table tops, desktops with cut outs for computer cables
  • Glass shelves and plate groove shelves
  • Fireplace doors and wood and coal stove high-temperature glass
  • Obscure / pattern glass for kitchen / cabinet doors or room dividers
  • Frosted glass
  • One-way glass
  • Beveled glass
  • Bent or curved glass for china cabinets
  • Picture frame glass, non-glare and museum grade
  • Tinted bronze or gray
  • Reflective mirror coated glass
  • Thick glass for furniture: dining room table, coffee table, etc.
  • Flat safety glass laminated or tempered glass for antique automobiles and off-road equipment
  • Bullet-resistant glass
  • Sneeze guards
  • Wire glass & Firelite®


Available in clear, bronze, gray and colors

  • Cut to any size or shape
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Mirror walls
  • Mirrored closet doors
  • Beveled mirrors
  • Framed mirrors
  • One-way mirrors
  • Security - convex mirrors
  • Mirror furniture, pedestals and mirror tops
  • Replace mirrors in auto / van / truck
  • Front surface mirrors
  • Antique mirror


Available in 1/16” thru 1” in clear. Available in 1/8” thru ¼” in tinted or colors

  • Cut to any size or shape
  • For windows, doors and storm panels
  • Acrylic mirror and convex detector mirrors
  • Plexiglas® and Lexan® in stock sheets or cut to size
  • Translucent white acrylic
  • Plastic tubes, rods and barstock
  • Mar / scratch-resistant plastic
  • Modify windshields for motorcycles
  • Novus® line of plastic polish and scratch remover
  • Plastic display cases / model covers
  • Fabricate plastic sign, literature holders, table cardholders, etc
  • Twinwall ®
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